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Helps Support

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Boredom Busting

Additional Details

  • All-Natural Hooves
  • Helps Support Dental Health
  • Boredom Busting Chews
  • Helps Reduce Stress Levels
  • Also Available with Palatable Fillings

Recommended For

  • Light Chewers
  • Moderate Chewers
Country of Origin:
USA, Brazil, Canada
Unit of Measure: Oz
Net Weight:
14oz (396g)
Shelf Life: 36 Months


These Hooves Weren’t Made for Walking

Redbarn's Natural Hooves are single-ingredient, naturally tasty and long-lasting for dogs who can't resist unique shapes and textures. This chew is high in protein and free from added ingredients. Made from cleaned and trimmed cattle, they are perfect for promoting dental health since the unique shape massages your pup's gums as they chew, gently scraping away tartar buildup. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about Redbarn’s hooves leaving stains or grease around the house.  

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"Terri A.
"United States"

"My dog didn’t like the hooves!"

Redbarn Pet Products

"Hi Jennifer, Thank you for providing all that valuable information and feedback. Based on your situation, I would recommend trying Redbarn's Bully Nuggets next time. Bully Nuggets are bite-sized squares of natural beef long that have been coated in a bully stick sauce. They should be the perfect size to stuff in their Kongs. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. Sincerely, The Redbarn Team"

"Diane D."
"United States"
"Redbarn Cow Hooves"

"These were not good or safe for my dogs. They broke right apart into sharp pieces."

"Judy Y."
"I had put request on"

"I had put request on computer search for white cow hooves as this was what the breeder gave me when buying dog. She chewed on this hoof for over a month. Your website showed white hooves. Received pkg of 6 2 were white others were BLACK"

Redbarn Pet Products


"Jeanie T."
"Dogs love to chew. Two"

"Dogs love to chew. Two little dogs, one 6 months, her half brother 2-1/2. I tried your lamb ears but they manage to eat them within hours. These hooves give them days and days of chewing pleasure."

Redbarn Pet Products


"Martha B."
"These products far and away"

"These products far and away exceeded my expectations! The highest quality bully sticks and other treats I am so happy to have found Redbarn since both my dogs have allergies and these products have not affected them one bit!!!"

Redbarn Pet Products

"I am happy to hear that our treats are good for your pups with allergies! My tail wags hearing that our treats and chews are good for all types of pups! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Woof Woof, The Redbarn Team"

"Darlene D."
"My Josey has been sick"

"My Josey has been sick so she hasn't been able to chew her favorite hooves lately. She was getting an upset somach rom something so the doctor advised us to so Top he chewing antlers and hooves. Sorry, we haven't even opened the bag yet. But she was obsessed with them before all this."

Redbarn Pet Products


"Debbie P."
"I Love These Hooves"

"Woof to all of my puppy friends! I'm just 13 weeks old and only weigh 4.4 pounds, so I'm just a little girl. My mom was worried about getting these hooves for me to chew on because I'm so little. But just like my red hair, my spirit and personality is a sweet spit-fire. Mom decided to give them a try. Thanks mom! I spend untold amounts of time chewing on my hooves...and they taste much better than dad's tennis shoes! Mom got me those teething bones, teething toys, and all that other stuff for sweet little teething girls just like me, but my favorite was shoes, especially dad's! That was until she got these yummy hooves. When I get in my chewing zone with my hooves, I could care less what's going on around me! I chew until I tire myself out! It's a real workout for a little one like me! My mom always says 'A tired girl, is a good girl!' Mom says she'll never be without hooves for me! She gave some to my playmates, too. They love them just like me! Thanks, Redbarn, for making quality chews for my mom to buy for me! Harper, the petite goldendoodle Debbie Pannell, the thankful mom"

Redbarn Pet Products

"Dear Harper (and Debbie), Well, you just made our day! Maybe even our week! That was probably the best review we've ever received. We're impressed Harper was able to type all of that without thumbs. We're so happy to hear that she's enjoying everything and that our cow hooves are helping keep her away from dad's shoes. We definitely agree that a tired pup is a safe pup. We look forward to continuing to do business with you both and getting updates as Harper grows up! We'd even love to see photos of her using our products and would be happy to show her off to the rest of our canine customers. Talk to you soon, The Redbarn Team"

"Lori B."
"My maltese is very picky"

"My maltese is very picky with his 'chew' products. He doesn't eat bully sticks, hide, plush toys, or balls. His weakness are cow hooves and we usually go through one a day (some strange reason he likes a new one each day). Shockingly, these hooves he will chew on for a few days. He adores them. I find him standing in front of the cabinet more excited for one of these hooves than for his dinner."

"Tim H."
"My fur babies have had a tons"

"My fur babies have had a tons of choohooves but these are theyre favorite. They go through a lot so i chose the 75 piece one and they get to pick what they want from there. My dogs and I recommend this brand and will be ordering soon."

Redbarn Pet Products


"Joseph D."
"Excellent product. My puppy is"

"Excellent product. My puppy is nuts about them!!!!"

Redbarn Pet Products


"Evan M."
"My two dachshuns LOVE these an"

"My two dachshuns LOVE these and I'm glad they do. They're also a big fan of bully slices, but they go through them too fast and the cost adds up because of it. The hooves are clean, odor free, long lasting, and I would recommend for dogs that love chewing"

Redbarn Pet Products


"Pierce K."
"My little puffball cuties coul"

"My little puffball cuties could not get enough! She loves them and they don't smell or leave a mess on the floor. She definitely recommends them and it looks like i'll be buying more!"

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